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Mother of God “Banish my Sorrows” with Christ

Christ Pantocrator holding up "Come unto me all who are weary" Bible verse

Eight-point cross with the crucifixion of Christ (center), angels of the Lord and the Holy Ghost (top), and the skull of Adam (bottom).

Mother of God with Christ in her womb with "Not Made by Hands" above. Archangels Michael and Gabriel are depicted above the Prophet Solomon and Daniel (right panel) and David (left).

Mother of God "Joy to All Who Grieve" with coins surrounded by scenes of giving clothing to the naked and healing the sick.

Scenes from the Life of the Mother of God including the Annunciation (top left), the Nativity (bottom left), the birth of the Mother of God (top right), and the presentation of the Mother of God in the temple (bottom right).
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